Our education aims to produce leaders who can grapple with the many different problems that we face in today's rapidly changing world. To that end, we believe that "a good leader" must have adequate people skills, along with self-reliance and decisiveness. To help achieve this goal, we provide a number of educational opportunities such as club activities, various events including school festivals, camps and trips to foster students' leadership, social skills and independence.

We also promote active learning through research, experiments and presentation as preparation for academic study at university. A variety of elective classes are available to the 3rd year students in senior high school, covering almost all of the liberal arts subjects, sciences, computer skills, languages, music and PE. Our state-of-the-art facilities facilitate active learning in class.

In 2016, our school became coeducational, we have placed greater emphasis on international and environmental education. Our new international room with a remote conference system serves as the center of international communication as well as a meeting point for students interested in studying abroad. Our environmental education focuses especially on research in air pollution. In this manner, we will expand the range of activities to contribute to the local community.

Our superlative sports facilities, including brand-new gymnasiums, artificial turf stadiums and playing fields, and sophisticated music rooms, as well as a new, modern auditorium with a seating capacity of 1300, serve as the cultural and sports center of Hosei University.

Message from the principal

Building character through positive encounters

Hosei Daini Junior and Senior High School was originally established as a junior high school under the prewar education system in 1939 and affiliated with Hosei University, whose founding principle is "Liberty and Progress." Our school has a history of about 75 years and has turned out over 40,000 graduates active in a variety of fields in Japan and around the world.

The education we provide offers our students opportunities to apply and relate what they have learned to the real world, while laying a solid foundation of basic academic skills. We also encourage our students to enrich their personalities by encountering a variety of individuals, accepting differences and learning to co-operate.

With today's increasing globalization, what is considered common sense in one world might not be acceptable in another; fixed ideas may have to be rethought or fundamentally changed. The abilities necessary to survive in such a rapidly changing world must be developed by grappling with questions to which there are no easy answers or by reflecting deeply upon potential solutions during the malleable and sensitive years of adolescence.

Free from the pressure of university entrance examinations, our students can live their school lives to the full, learning to find themselves and to build character against the backdrop of our large and modern campus.We are aiming to further enhance the education we provide by accepting female students in 2016. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Satoshi Igarashi

Our Philosophy of Education

Become leaders in a peaceful and democratic society

Our school is affiliated with Hosei University, a private university whose educational principle is "Liberty and Progress". "Liberty" is a universal value and includes the right to think freely; "Progress" reflects the spirit to solve the many problems in contemporary society.

Under this principle, our education aims to provide basic knowledge of liberal arts in order to round off students' personalities and to encourage them to contribute to the formation of a peaceful and democratic society and nation.

To put our educational philosophy into practice, we have set our students the following goals:

【1】To systematically acquire knowledge in every major field that has evolved throughout our long human history in order to further understand nature, humanity and society.

【2】To integrate this knowledge and broaden the vision with which to address the issues in human society, such as how to coexist with nature and live in harmony with different races.

【3】To know the reason for learning and discover the joy of learning, to demonstrate intellectual and academic curiosity, and to lay a foundation for lifelong learning and growth.

【4】To build character and take responsibility for personal decisions by viewing oneself objectively and considering how one should live in society.

【5】To develop the spirit to take the initiative to solve problems and to bring about change when necessary, and the ability to cooperate and collaborate with others.

【6】To develop a sound moral sense and social skills, and learn to restrain self-interest in order to work for social justice.

How to Access to Our School

Address: 6-1 Kizukiomachi, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa, 211-0031, Japan
Phone: +81 44 711 4321(Office)